Event Horizon Online Slot Rating and reviews

This slot machine, which is quite similar to NetEnt’s blockbuster Twin Spin, is the current response to slot games that are played in Vegas and provides just a few basic features, but there are lots of ways to earn money playing these games. Event Horizon’s lucrative symbols and 243-ways-to-win gameplay may pay out a substantial amount of real money with each spin, and the game’s top jackpot is a very respectable 144,000 coins.

Due to the fact that it was developed in HTML5, Event Horizon may be played without any hiccups on any platform, including mobile phones and tablets. When it comes to added bonuses, this slot machine with a space theme provides you with a one-of-a-kind Sync Reels feature. This feature is always active and may assist you in making the most of the 243 win lines that are available to you.

How to Play the Online Slot Machine, Event Horizon

The seeming lack of complexity in Event Horizon’s gameplay is really one of its most appealing aspects. When compared to other slot games offered at the top online gambling sites, this particular online slot is about as easy to play as they come, which means that even novice players should have no trouble enjoying it. The first thing you need to do when you begin a new game is to go to the bottom left of the screen and utilize the two betting controls there to set the amount of your coins and the multiplier that applies to your bets. These options will allow you to alter your stake so that you may place a wager ranging from a minimum of 0.25 credits each spin all the way up to a maximum of just 31.25 credits per spin.

After you have determined how much you want to wager, you can begin playing by pressing the spin button or the autoplay option. The unconventional aspect of the Event Horizon slot machine is that there are no paylines in the game; rather, rewards are won via the use of a unique 243-ways mechanism. The vast majority of slot machines depend on traditional paylines, however their mechanisms allow you a considerably greater hit rate and even more possibilities to win money than other machines. There are a total of eleven symbols that provide payouts, and each of these symbols awards rewards in the form of coins. The number of coins won may be increased by playing with a greater bet multiplier. Therefore, if you place the least wager, you will have the opportunity to earn payments that range from three coins to one thousand coins for each sequence. However, if you play for real money with a bet multiplier of five, you will have the opportunity to earn even larger rewards, which may reach an incredible 5,000 coins each sequence. This is only possible if you play for real money.

You may also play a version of the game optimized for mobile devices, which allows you to play it on almost any tablet or smartphone that uses the iOS or Android operating system. This version of the game is available to you whether you choose to play it at home or on the go. The mobile edition of Event Horizon, much like the mobile versions of the other mobile slots produced by Betsoft, comes with just a spin control on the screen, with the rest of the game’s controls being buried away in the game’s menu.

Free Spins and Other Features Available on Event Horizon

BetSoft’s Event Horizon is not an overly difficult game to play by any stretch of the imagination. Because there are no paylines, the only way to win money playing this slot machine is to line up three or more matching symbols across three or more adjacent reels, beginning on the reel to the player’s left. It does not matter where on the reels your matching symbols are positioned as long as they are in close proximity to one another and are on distinct reels. Because it makes use of such unique principles, the slot machine provides you with up to 243 different opportunities to win a reward on each and every spin that you play.

The Sync Reels feature is the most important bonus that can be found in Event Horizon. This is essentially the same function that can be found in NetEnt’s Twin Spin slot machine. At the beginning of each new spin, this feature will initiate the creation of at least two synchronised reels, each of which will contain the exact same symbols. The synchronized reels are always located near to each other, and they have the potential to expand so that they cover three, four, or all five reels with the same symbols. This may assist you in getting closer to the maximum winnings that the slot machine is capable of awarding.

The wild symbol in the slot game is another bonus that will assist you in winning more rewards when you are playing for real money. Although it does not provide any cash prizes, this symbol may act as a stand-in for any other symbol in the game in order to complete one or more winning sequences. However, owing to the fact that it has the ability to initiate several payouts at the same time, the symbol will only show up on reels two through five; it will not display on the first (and left-most) reel.

Event Horizon Verdict and Similar Online Slots

In conclusion, Event Horizon is a pretty straightforward slot game with a medium degree of volatility and only one primary extra feature. Therefore, this game is best suited for those who are already familiar with classic slot machines and are looking for something that is both more up-to-date and lucrative than a traditional fruit machine or a low-paying pokie in the manner of Las Vegas. Event Horizon provides you with everything you need to turn a profit, including 243 different chances to win money and a potential jackpot of up to 144,000 coins for all players who wager real money on the game. Because the hit percentage of the slot machine is pretty high, which indicates that you will get lesser rewards much more often than a really huge win, you should not anticipate to see a giant prize appear on your screen without any patience because of this.

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