HEAT by CL Redding Now Running at Maglomaniac

  Check out our newest Eat Your Serial Press title, HEAT by CL Redding over at Maglomaniac. Now running on Thursdays! Synopsis: HEAT is a story set in a pre-industrial world of wide plains, looming mountains, and rivers of potable water. The encounter is between a young woman of a horse-centered tribal agrarian society and […]


The Guardians: The Secret of the Book of Air NOW ON SALE!

That’s right! The Summer of Serial continues as we proudly announce the launch of Patrick Sykes-Craig’s epic fantasy “The Guardians: The Secret of the Book of Air” on Amazon. Available for Kindle for just $0.99 and in print for $7.99, how could you miss this amazing adventure full of demons, psychic brothers, the fate of […]


Paradise Gardens…Now Available in Print and Digital Formats!

Yes, our serial currently running at Maglomaniac.com is now available for purchase! The book is going to be distributed through the Createspace and Barnes and Nobel bookstores shortly and is available exclusively for Kindle as an ebook. You can buy it now in print from Amazon.com and you’ll get the ebook totally free! To buy […]


The Summer of Serial! Free eBooks all Summer Long!

Yes that’s right! We are officially announcing the SUMMER OF SERIAL at Eat Your Serial Press. Every week starting this Monday we’ll be offering one of our Eat Your Serial press titles FOR FREE at Amazon. Why would we do this? Because we love you. But also because we’re building up to an even bigger announcement […]


Starting May 1st, 2014- Paradise Gardens!

We are happy to announce the beginning of our newest serial, Paradise Gardens by Susan I. Weinstein starting May 1st 2014. The serial will be running weekly at Maglomaniac on Thursdays as part of Eat Your Serial Thursdays. Synopsis:   Weinstein’s PARADISE GARDENS is an Orwellian dystopia, set in a near future world where the […]